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Who is Emma Rhoades?

Emma is a multiple award winning business owner who went back into corporate management, to find our workplaces are broken.

She spent a few years wondering what was wrong with her, and her leadership before realising that the way we manage and lead in our workplaces is not effective and something has to be done about it. 

After attending many different leadership programs, Emma realised they were doing it all wrong. They were all a 'one size fits all' approach, which didn't allow for understanding of the materials in context. There was also little to no support to implement what she learnt. 

So, Emma completed her Diploma of Organisational Coaching, a Diploma of Leadership and and Management and became a Certified REACH practitioner. She set out to create better workplaces through helping women in management to become confident and influential leaders. She has re-written what leadership development should be. 

Welcome to Her Leadership Journey.

Member Feedback

"I feel like I'm making better decisions and am a strong, more proficient Manager" 

Member Feedback 

"I've enjoyed pushing outside my comfort zone, and feeling like I have a support network behind me that are in similar positions and there to help me succeed. I feel like this experience has given me direction and confidence in my leadership journey"

Member Feedback

"I enjoy Emma's delivery, she is personal and encouraging and she isn’t afraid to tackle difficult topics and make me accountable which I love"

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