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Been Overlooked For a Promotion Yet Again?

Feeling like you're just not being heard or taken seriously? 

Feel undervalued and taken for granted?

Having trouble trying to manage your boss?

Not sure what is expected of you?

I hear you. I went through all of the above and so have many women in corporate that I've worked with. I spent 3 years wondering what was wrong with me and why couldn't I gain any traction or feel like I was respected. 

What I now know is that there is a process to follow and a journey to take to build your visibility, influence and authority in your workplace. 

And this journey consists of a combination of both personal and professional development. 

We need you step out of your comfort zone, to alter your mindset and unlearn what you think you know about leadership. When you do this, you increase your confidence, build influence and inspire others. 

Janine Edmunds:

" Words are not enough for the lessons and value I have gained and experienced from my short time with Emma.

I honestly believe there is no one in Australia who can offer what Emma does

Susan Boulton:

"Through one-on-one coaching and professional development webinars, Emma at Her Leadership Journey has helped me become a more grounded and effective leader. By examining my values and working through real and current workplace situations I feel more positive and empowered to guide my team and my career."

Kylie Robinson:

"I won that permanent role I have been chasing! Thanks so much Emma, your guidance has been a major contributor.

The feedback I received was that I was a true leader and well respected by my peers and noticed by the Exec""

The 5 Stages Of The Leadership Journey

At Her Leadership Journey we know you are the kind of woman who wants to inspire others, to be heard, increase your confidence and be the change you want to see. 

In order to achieve this, you need to understand the stages of the leadership journey. The problem is that most leaders think they need a title to be a leader, or that speaking louder will get you heard. And you're probably just plain frustrated at being overlooked for the promotion yet again and are ready to just give it all up. 

And this then starts the spiral of lack of confidence and belief in yourself and your ability to influence and inspire others. 

I know, I've been there. And throughout my own experiences, my formal management, leadership and coaching training and by helping other women I've found there are 5 leadership stages that you have to go through. 

The good news? You can go through these quickly, AND at any stage of your career. 

Wanting your first management gig? No problem, this works for you. 

Been a manager for a while now and want to step up? Yep, this process will work for you too!

Here's how it goes:

Invisible: The title of this stage  pretty much sums it up- you're feeling invisible. No one is coming to you for advice, you're overlooked for promotions, and you might even have people walking right past you to ask someone else a question - even though you're the only one who knows the answer!

Achieve: This stage is where you need to focus on getting results. Achieving your KPI's  or business outcomes - regardless of whether you lead a team or not. This is developing what I call your 'street cred'. 

Growth: An amazing stage to be in, but also pretty frustrating. You're focusing on getting the job done, but looking for ways to step into leadership opportunities. You grow as a person, but you also start helping others to grow. In this stage you start to be more aware of those around you. 

Transform: This stage is a wonderful place to be as you own your own leadership style. You are more confident and you have developed belief in your own abilities to not only achieve outcomes, but to lead others and the business.

Influence: What is influence to you? This is a stage that varies for everyone depending on what they claim to be influence. This might mean that promotion you were after, or it might mean someone coming to you for advice, or it might mean your business idea being picked up and implemented. Either way, this is where we are aiming to get to.

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Who is Emma Rhoades?

Passionate about creating authentic and courageous leaders, Emma is an award-winning entrepreneur, founder of Her Leadership Journey and Creator of the Inspired Leaders Academy.

Emma’s ability to help women in the workplace to transform from invisible and unheard, into an influential and inspirational leader has resulted in many women stepping into their true, authentic leadership and moving up their career ladder.

She brings a unique combination of formal study and her own less than desirable experiences in the workplace to inspire leaders to own their ambitions, to increase their visibility and leave a lasting impact on those they serve.

She’s curious, asks loads of questions (and expects an answer most of the time 😊) and will push you to believe in yourself like you’ve never done before.

Welcome to Her Leadership Journey.

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