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To the Manager who feels unheard, undervalued and is always overlooked... 




Becoming an Authentic, Human Leader is the fastest way to influence your culture, engage your team and impact on the lives of those you lead. 

With results like these:

Laney Graham - Office Manager

Emma’s Leadership Program is by far the best thing I have done for my confidence, in both my personal life and as a leader in my business. I highly recommend anyone looking to improve their awareness, abilities and confidence in business leadership to give Emma a call.

Tori Morris - Bank Manager

Emma is passionate about leadership and helping others. She has helped me look at problems from a different perspective, understand what drives me as a leader and worked with me to develop strategies to help my staff achieve. I am very grateful to Emma for the coaching she has given me.

It's no wonder our clients are RAVING about this unique and PERSONALISED leadership development program!

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Being micromanaged, overlooked and not heard is not fun. 

I know, because I've been there. And I've heard countless stories from other women who are feeling the above right now. And it especially sucks when you know you give your all, you're trying your best but it just doesn't seem to be working. You might be struggling with getting your team motivated, delegating so you can have time to spend with your team or maybe even getting them to turn up for work. 


Wouldn't it be a nice change to:

  • Be invited to the decision making meetings?
  • Be recognised for your leadership?
  • Have your team be thankful they got you as their manager?
  • Be asked to share the way you lead your team?
  • Be recognised for the value you contribute?

And the big one...

  • Be invited to apply for a promotion?  


Hell Yeah it Would!


And in order to achieve all of this, you are going to need to stand out from all the other managers in your organisation. You're going to need to get clear on what you stand for and your own values.  You need to speak up on behalf of your team.You're going to need to care for them and trust in them. You're going to need to create an environment where they are valued, fulfilled and bring their best to work everyday.


You need to become an Authentic, Human Leader. 

You'll see the common trait in all these successful leaders is that they have learnt how to be an Authentic Leader... 


         Richard Branson   |   Jacinda Ardern   |   Bob Chapman    |    Simon Sinek   |    Princess Diana    |   Nelson Mandela   |   Cheryl Bachelder  |  Garry Ridge


The one thing they all share is their passion for putting people first. Commonly called Servant Leadership.  They all lead vs manage, empower vs explain and put their people first. 

When you improve on these things and make them ingrained in your everyday management and leadership, only then will you start to be heard, develop influence and have an amazing impact on the people around you.

And that's the best part of all.

Because the statistics don't lie...

  • 72% Australian Workers leave their jobs due to poor leadership ( AIM Leadership Survey)


  •  In 2017, this figure was only 34% (Firebrand survey via AIM)


  • Managers rated their own performance 25% higher than the ratings given to them by their employees ( The State of Australian Leadership study)


  • The AIM Leadership Survey found the most important personal behaviours that a great leader needs to exhibit:
    • Authentic – 42.1% of responders.
    • Trustworthy – 36.4% of responders.
    • Inspiring – 26.2% of responders.


This is pretty compelling data to back up the argument that our employees want leaders that are human, and that care.


Simples? Right? 


Begin My Journey Now

So, how then do we transform from the carrot and stick approach of management, to embrace a truly authentic leadership style? 


By following a proven process to work on YOU, Your Management & Leadership skills & Your Culture Development.

No more 'winging it'...

No more workshops that you never look at again...

No more floundering around on your own, wondering what to do next...


Imagine your work day like this...

You arrive to a full team (yes, everyone comes to work - no absenteeism) . Everyone is happy and friendly and chatting.  You run your team meeting and get 100% engagement from everyone. 

Everyone takes a proper lunch break (no more eating at your desk thank you!) 

You have time set to talk properly with your team to learn how you can help them best.  You catch them helping one another. 

You get the chance to celebrate some wins... and so on.



Yep for sure. But is it worth giving it a go - you betcha. Because I've seen this. I KNOW what it does to a person when you sit down with them and show interest and care. When you go out of your way to help them achieve their goals.  

And I KNOW this way of leadership will impact on the lives of my teams forever. 

Is it easy? No. 

Is it worth it?

Every. Single. Day. 

And that is why I've developed this 1:1 support program to guide you through these 3 phases and to achieve actual, REAL results.

Because research has shown:

  • Only 14% of employees in Australia are engaged in their jobs
  • seven out of 8 employees feel like their company doesn't care about them
  • Because everyone deserves to be valued, appreciated and go home feeling fulfilled.

By now, you're probably nodding in agreeance...

But asking yourself... who am I to influence such a change?

Well to that, I ask - who are you NOT to? 

If you don't do this.. then who will? What about all the people that have suffered and will continue to keep suffering at the hands if inadequate managers - who cause more harm than good?


By you starting to make this change and start putting people first you'll set a precedent. 

And when senior management start to see the results you're bringing in, they will begin to listen

Here's a secret for you though...

This is a mindset shift - not a tactical response. 


So everything you've been learning about management has been in the wrong context.  AND, by taking the time to go through a framework of change, step by step you'll come out a confident, stronger and more influential leader that gets results. 

There is a process to becoming an authentic, human leader. It's a journey. 

Are you ready to travel this journey with me?


Begin Your Journey Now

The Process:

Each session of Leadership By Design is a personal 1:1 session with your coach, tailored specifically for YOU and YOUR needs. Below you'll find the outline  of each of the phases we will take you through, on your journey to boosting your confidence and becoming an influential leader. 


Phase 1: Self Awareness

Did you know that only 15% of people are truly self aware? Unfortunately for those people, self awareness is critical for any type of career success. Those who are self aware tend to perform better in the workplace, have better relationships and find leadership easier.

Becoming more self aware is a journey that requires introspection, reflection, journalling, asking others and taking surveys. 

In this coaching, we will be asking you to do a combination of :

  • Personal psychometric testing
  • 360° Feedback Survey
  • Journaling and Reflection


Phase 2: Skills Development

Now, we can talk fluffy, inspirational topics all day long. But, all the self awareness in the world won't get you anywhere unless you start taking action. so as we gather the insight from phase 1, we put it to use in phase 2 - your skill development. 

What is so great about this particular program is that it's personalised. So whatever comes out of the insights, we will create a personalised training program - just for YOU. 

And then, coach you through the learning AND the implementation into your every day life at work. 


Phase 3: Becoming an Authentic Leader

This is where the rubber REALLY hits the road. In this phase we will discover and boost your confidence, your courage and help you to get results using your own authenticity. We take what we've learnt through Phases 1 & 2 and put them into action here. 

This is the mindset shift that needs to occur for you to really change - and to NEVER go back to the type of leader and manager you used to be. You will forever  see things  differently, you will easily find new perspectives and you will lead like you've never done before. 

"There is no one else in Australia...

"Words are not enough for the lessons and value I have gained and experienced from my short time with Emma. I honestly believe there is no one else in Australia who can offer what Emma does" - (Janine Edmunds via google)

Teaches true leadership and management"

"Emma is a patient  and kind person who teaches leaders what true leadership and management could be with respect and integrity - what a lot of today's leaders are missing" ( Debbi Pope via google)


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