Focus vs Time - where is your intention?


Watch this facebook live video where I spoke about having focus and not being scattered around. When we have focus - we make change. 

When we lose focus, we waste our precious energy trying to fix everything all at once, trying put out all the fires and get pulled every which way. We then end up frustrated, stressed and we have trouble trying to find that clarity again. 

And if we stay here, without making an effort to regain our focus  - then you'll always stay stuck in your career, and your life. Your leadership will stagnate, you'll get looked over for promotions and ultimately  stay invisible. 

This is  why there are 2 coaching/ implementation sessions EVERY MONTH inside the Inspired Leadership Academy - the only way to achieve is to DO.  You have everything you need to go from Invisible to Influential inside the Inspired Leaders Academy - including implementation.

Come and join us - 

3 Steps to go from Invisible to Influential

Uncover the 3 focus areas you need to work on to go from Invisible and unheard, to a confident, inspirational and influential leader in your workplace, AND your life!

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