GROW Coaching Model - Introduction


In this video, I walk you through the GROW coaching model and how to apply it to three everyday management scenarios. 

The GROW coaching model is the most universal coaching model to get started with. It consists of 4 areas:

G = Goal or what are you trying to achieve?

R = Reality - what's currently happening? Or What have you already tried?

O = Options - what are our options?

W = Way forward -  what action action are you going to take?


Enjoy this GROW model walkthrough and get coaching in your workplace today. If you're looking for more assistance, check out the Management for Impact program and register to join the next intake. 

10 Steps to Effective Delegation

Sick of asking someone to do something, and it never turns out right?  And then you have to spend time doing it again?  Find yourself saying it's easier to do it myself? Then you NEED to download this Delegation Checklist! 

Download the Checklist