Finally, we've created it.

For the last 2 years, I have been working with women in the workplace. I have been meeting, talking, and interviewing other leadership and management experts and specialists.

I've created a community. I've created programs that I'm incredibly proud of.


But the one thing that I have wanted for so long has eluded me... until now.

The ability to create one place for women to go so they can feel supported, find the information they need, to meet and talk with others who are going, or have gone through their same challenges, to share their experiences, to celebrate their wins.

The one place that I wished was around when I stepped into my first management role and had no idea what I was doing.

All I knew is that I had the vision to create a safe, productive, and engaging work environment where people enjoyed coming to and went home feeling valued and fulfilled.

I had no idea what I was up against.

I went on a steep learning curve that no formal studies could ever prepare me for.

The courage I found to step out and question the ways of working.
The vulnerability to say I don't know. Arguing with HR and having to apologise. Finding a very close colleague undermined me when I thought we were on the same team. Fighting for team members resources so they could do a great job.

All of this has taught me so much. And I know I'm not alone with any of the above. All I wanted was someone who knew about all of this, who had been there and I could share with. A place that didn't judge, a place that wanted to help.

Over the weekend I launched that place.

I wanted to share it with you in the hopes you'll come and join this community - because when we work together, supporting, inspiring, and believing in each other- we can all do great things.

In this community, you will hear from a variety of leadership specialists and experts who will share their knowledge with you every month.

You will come together for peer-to-peer learning via our mastermind sessions.

You will ask questions, celebrate wins and help others through our private community space.

You will learn how to grow your career.

You will learn how to nurture yourself, and as a result, help your teams to look after their own mental health and nutrition.

As a result, we will, together, change our workplaces, and work toward achieving the vision of creating safe, engaging, productive workplaces that people love to come and go home feeling valued and fulfilled.

And when we do this, the ripple effect goes through our families, children, and our society.

For those women in the workplace who want to be a part of this vision, I welcome you over to our community. 

Come and Join The Tribe!

Find yourself in a safe, non judgemental and supportive environment so you can learn new skills, ask questions and get support for your leadership and management journey!

Come and Join Us!