If you remain unheard and undervalued in your management role...

How will you ever be able to grow your career and make an impact on those around you? 


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Take the Invisible to Influential Journey

Is this You? 

  • You know you have value to add, but aren't sure how to increase your influence


  • You're feeling unheard and unseen, despite your best efforts to be noticed. 


  • You're finding the leadership development is non-existent or there is no support to help you implement the changes you want to make


  • You're hungry to create a great workplace - one where everyone loves to come to work and goes home feeling fulfilled. 


  • Maybe you're like one woman who shared with me: " I want to be seen as someone capable of managing and not looked over"


  • And another shared her biggest challenge was: "Being in Middle management - trying to improve and break through the 'ceiling' to the next level"


Can you relate?


Most women come to me and ask to increase their confidence, their authority and their influence. Because they know, when they DON'T do these things, they remain stuck, feeling unheard and undervalued. They remain invisible inside their organisation, to their manager, their peers, and in some cases their team. 

And if you remain invisible, you'll NEVER be able to make the impact you want to make, or be seen as an influential leader.



Take The Invisible To Influential Journey

There are three pillars you need to work on for you to go from Invisible to Influential in your workplace.


When you develop these 3 areas, you'll find: 

  • You are asked for your opinion
  • Your ideas are implemented
  • Your team view you as an inspirational leader
  • You can easily develop strong networks and relationships
  • You get asked to be involved in projects
  • Your confidence increases
  • Promotions and opportunities will be easy to find 
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Leadership is NOT Black and White. There is no right or wrong - only the vision you create to the be the leader you want to be. 


Take a look around at the leaders you admire and look up to. You'll find that they stand for something. They believe in an idea. They have a vision, and they can communicate it so that others will follow them. 


But just because you speak the loudest, doesn't guarantee you'll be heard.  And in fact, that's the WORST way to be heard and develop your influence. Because the truth is, that developing influence takes effort. It takes getting results. It takes developing networks. It takes great ideas, and being able to communicate them with the right value exchange for the listener. 


And this is everything we teach you inside the Inspired Leaders Academy.


What Other Members are Achieving

"I'm Making Better Decisions"

And I feel like I am a strong and  more proficient manager"

Member Feedback

"I have Confidence"

I've enjoyed pushing outside my comfort zone, and feeling like I have a support network. I have direction and confidence in my leadership"

Member Feedback

"I'm held accountable"

I enjoy Emma's delivery - she is personal and encouraging and isn't afraid to tackle difficult topics and make me accountable which I love"

Member Feedback

So What is an Inspired Leader...

 An Inspired Leader is someone who:


  • cares about their people
  • wants to make an impact on the people around them
  • wants to leave our workplace better than when we found it. 
  • creates an environment where people are heard, valued and go home fulfilled


 Because when we are able to fill our workplaces with these types of leaders, the ripple effect out to our families and society is bigger than we could ever imagine. And life is too short to keep putting up with workplaces that don't put people first. Life is too short to keep going somewhere that doesn't fulfil us. We don't get  these days back. 


So why on earth do we  keep accepting this as the norm?  Why do we look forward to Fridays, and hate Mondays? Why do we live for a holiday, and dread going back? 


I can assure you - it's not because of the work. It's because of the environment that we go back into. 


And we can change it - starting with you - The Inspired Leader.

What's Included in the Academy?

When you join the Academy you’ll learn:

  • How to say anything to anyone for maximum benefit
  • How to deal with a micromanager boss
  • How to build a high performing and engaged team
  • How to become more confident, assertive and influencing
  • How to have difficult conversations
  • How to respond - not react and how to manage corporate burnout and stress
  • How to position yourself for future career advancement
  • Coaching skills to ensure you get the most out of your team


So, Who is this NOT for? 

This is not a place for ‘Title’ managers - those who don’t want the responsibility that comes with serving a team, those who put business before people, are lazy, want all the accolades with no work, believe the carrot and stick approach still works, and those only looking to climb the ladder - regardless of the people they climb on to get there. 

Leadership Development

12 Core Leadership Development Topics. Learn new leadership skills every month, and access to the entire library of past training

(Valued at $4200)

Coaching Sessions

Twice a month, come together to implement what you are learning and get support for your journey. 

(Valued at $4800)

Group Breakouts

Small, private groups of women on the same journey, to mastermind and share ideas and knowledge.


Supportive Community

This is where you'll find your people. Those women who are on the same journey. Connect, grow and support each other the way you want to be supported.

(Priceless )

Expert Masterclasses

Every quarter I invite leadership experts into the community and dive deeper into a particular leadership and management skill with actionable results. 

(Valued at $7200)

Leaders Toolkit

Unlimited access to a range of psychometric profiling tools (with support) to uncover what's happening in your team, and for your own development 

(Valued $5940) 

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Meet Emma:

A certified Workplace Coach, I've seen far too much negative impact on the lives of those who serve their organisations. I've also got my own stories to tell and  I'm on a mission to create better workplaces. 

I believe you, the manager who ALSO wants to make an impact,  is the vehicle for workplace change and I'm committed to giving you the tools and support you need to make this change happen.

I am a REACH Certified Practitioner and use a leadership and culture change ecosystem to help you understand your strengths, your team strengths and to set a clear path for to become the confident and influential leader you want to be!

I can't wait to welcome you inside the membership and be a part of your journey!

" I've enjoyed pushing outside my comfort zone, and feeling like I have a support network behind me that are in similar positions and there to help me succeed. I feel like this experience has given me direction and confidence in my leadership journey"

Member Feedback

The Inspired Leaders Academy is designed not only to give you the skills you need, but to help you implement them. 

 Here are the details:

Inside the Academy you will find:

12 Core Leadership Skill Training ( These are currently being trained live, and recordings are stored in the Leadership Library). These skills include:

  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Assertiveness and Self Confidence
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence
  • Building Team Synergy
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Communication Skills
  • Manager as Coach
  • Negotiation
  • Productivity
  • Resilience
  • Time Management
  • Manage People and Performance


Leadership Library

All previous recordings that cover all aspects of leadership and management from leadership experts in their fields. 


Monthly Coaching Sessions

Every month there are 2 coaching sessions to join. These focus on helping you get results and to achieve in your role, and also how to develop your team, culture and yourself. These are recorded so if you can't make it live for the coaching, you can rewatch. 


Your Leadership Toolkit

As a REACH Certified consultant, I have a suite of psychometric tools available to use that I am offering to members of the academy. You will receive training on how to use the tools for yourself and your team. You also have the opportunity to utilise these tools throughout your organisation, with assistance from certified REACH Consultants.



These are your peer to peer mastermind groups. You will be matched up in small groups of 4-5 and will meet regularly to exchange ideas, support one another and share your wins together


Expert Masterclasses

Every quarter, we invite a leadership expert in a particular area of leadership to share their ideas and help you learn even more. These are live and recordings are placed into the Leadership Library


Private Community

This is your cheer squad, your support group and your community of friends. 


It's time to stop the negative self talk...


Stop saying things like:


"I'm not cut out to be a manager"

"What have I done wrong"

"No one is listening to me"

"I have nothing to offer"


Because if you keep going the way you're going, you'll end up stressed, tired, burnt out, frustrated and you'll take all of these feelings home to your family and friends.


And that's just not fair.


Worse - you'll get demoted, or leave and never fulfil your dream of management and exceptional leadership. 


Take the time to start working on your own personal development and become the manager you aspire to be and start hearing things like:


  • "Thank you for believing in me"
  • "You're the best manager I've ever had"
  • "Thank you for listening - you make me feel valued"
  • "I love coming to work in this team"


If these are the things you want to hear - just like I did, then join the Academy and allow us to walk on this journey with you. 


How Do I Join?


 Most leadership development programs start at approx $5000, for a few months. But, you see, we're not like most others.  Because we truly believe in the power of implementation, not just knowledge transfer, our Academy is a 12 month investment. Investment of time, of money exchange and of helping others to grow.  

And we know that doesn't suit everyone. 

Regardless of what value you put on the knowledge transfer, one thing we do know - ARE YOU PREPARED TO CHANGE? 

Because if you aren't coachable, are just looking for another frame for the wall, or piece of paper for the resume - WE ARE NOT FOR YOU. 

The Inspired Leaders Academy requires an application process to join. Complete this below and we will organise a time to discuss your application. At that point, pricing and payment plans will be organised to suit your circumstances. 

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Yep, I fully stand behind this program. Here's the deal - if you do the work, show up to the training and coaching sessions, watch the replays and take action, and then find at the end of the year that you still haven't gotten ANY value whatsoever- I'll refund 100% of your money. 


If there's even a SLIGHT chance you think the Inspired Leaders Academy could work for you, then you should enrol today! 

Because you can try it out - attend our sessions, watch the recordings and see if it's right for you - and I'll give you the ENTIRE YEAR. 

That's how much I believe in this program. 

In as little as 3 months you'll start to see changes around you. In fact, Susan achieved her promotion in that amount of time!

I hope you can see that I'm taking all the risk for you, come and join us today...

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Which of these results would YOU like?


Scored a promotion!

Just like Kylie (Gov Department)  who has been working hard to implement everything she was learning - even finding a team to coach when she didn't have one of her own. She sent this message
"I won that permanent role I have been chasing! Thanks so much Emma, your guidance has been a major contributor. The feedback I received was that I was a true leader and well respected by my peers and noticed by the Exec"

Or Tori (community bank) - who had wanted to step into a manager role and with guidance was able to find her confidence to put herself forward, speak up and received her management role. She sends this message
" Hi Em, Thank you so much, it's amazing to have someone like you to inspire me, to motivate me, and help me lead the way"


Increased Visibility

Susan (education) first came to me telling me she felt unheard, not appreciated for the work she was doing and was wondering whether it was time to move on. Since working with Emma inside the Academy, she stepped up and had a courageous conversation with her manager, learnt where she stood in the team and department and has achieved recognition from her manager, but also the senior management team. Her team are now more engaged than ever and she is being invited to be part of different projects all over the organisation.

And like Kylie above - she didn't have a team, but wasn't going to let that stop her. So she asked to coach others, and implemented what she was learning, and that goer her known and seen by the exec team - which led to her promotion!


Increased Confidence

This is one of the biggest hurdles for women in management - believing in themselves. We do a lot of work on this in the Academy. And getting comments like this : 

 "I feel like this experience has given me direction and confidence in my leadership journey” just confirms the Inspired Leaders Academy is the place to be for REAL Leadership Development.

And Ellie (FMCG) - who said "What a fantastic program this week Emma, thank you. I feel more confident already and look forward to grow more here"


More Focus and Clarity

Joanna (Trade business) says that after working with Emma in the Academy she now has "clear focus and direction and is able to support her team to achieve their goals" 

Or Faith who says "I have had goals before, but you have helped me break them down and think of ways to achieve them in a more structured way"


Supportive Environment

Hannah (local government) says "Emma, you've created an engaging and supportive community!

And Rachel (health sector) who commented" You are so genuine, Thankyou for making this space for all of us to see the examples of what we are working towards as leaders"



Do you want to get these same outcomes, in a supportive community?  Put your application in today! 

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Where's the Value? 

Let's explore other ways you can access this information:

1) You can hire a mentor or coach and get them to help you on a 1:1 basis. You're looking upwards of $1000 per month for this. The other downside to this option is that you only get 1 perspective. 

By joining the membership, you get the power of entire brains trust! AND everyone else's experiences and perspectives, giving you a richer experience and more options to choose when you need them.

2) You could go and do a management and leadership course. This will cost you anywhere from $2500 - $5000+. You will get lots of theory, but not a great deal of practical implementation. 

AND you need to write essays and reports, that no one else will really read. 

PLUS you have to bug your manager to get involved with your learning so they can guide you along. This doesn't leave you free to experiment in your own way.


3) You can definitely DIY it! Read books, articles, listen to podcasts - there is SO MUCH information out there! But you are on your own. You don't get the support and perspectives of the group of women, nor do you get a sounding board to discuss ideas prior to implementation and to debrief afterwards (see point 1)

As you can see, there are so many ways to get the outcome you are seeking - we offer it to you in a supportive group format, with a little bit of all the goodness from each of the above options.

Come and Join Us! 


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