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Invisible & Overlooked to Confident and Influential! 

Do you often feel overlooked and unheard at work? We help you go from Invisible to Influential with leadership and management skills to boost your confidence and supercharge your career! All delivered in a central, online learning and community hub. We will help you to become the confident leader you know you can be, even if you don't yet have a team AND in as little as 1 hour per week!


Who Is This For?

  • You want to grow your career into a management and leadership pathway - even if you don't have a team or a management role yet! ( We will help you get your first one!) 


  • You want to inspire others and help develop and grow future leaders


  • You've got amazing ideas, but your communication and presentation skills are letting you down 


  • You want to improve your confidence and self  belief and start to back yourself more


  • You want to move into senior leadership roles and be a part of the executive leadership team


  • You're having challenges in your current management role and want support and help to overcome them


This is for you, if you want to become a confident, authentic and inspirational leader that gets results, is respected and makes a difference in the lives of those around them.

What is included in your Premium Membership?

Leadership Specialists

Connect directly with leadership and management experts every single month

Leadership Library

Learn in your own time and at your own pace with a full library of leadership content

Member Masterminds

Learn from your peers, expand your perspective and find new ways of leading

Career Portal

Discover how to craft a killer resume, and nail that interview so you can get the promotion you want! 

Health Hub

To be the best leader you can be, you've got to look after yourself. Find tips on avoiding burnout, staying healthy.


(Coming soon) Member only exclusive In person events are something we want to make happen again. Watch this space. 

Special Offers

Our partners are committed to helping you grow and develop. As a Premium Member you can access special offers from them all!


Peer to peer learning is crucial for you to see new perspectives and challenges biases. Bounce ideas around, ask questions and share wins! 

 And all of these opportunities for leadership development and personal growth are only $199AUD per year!


From Emma:

"If not YOU, then who?

And if not NOW, then when? "



What's In It For Me? 

Would you love to be able to reach out to an industry expert on leading your team through change?

Or how to delegate so it's done right?

What about how to give feedback without causing conflict?

Or what about messaging an  expert on how to deal with imposter syndrome


Is it important to you to get help on ensuring your resume is up to scratch? Or how to pass that interview and secure your next leadership role?


All of this and more is available to you inside the Premium Membership. We bring these leaders and experts to you for one low annual membership fee of only $199. 


Our Leadership and Management Partners are experts in their specialities. These topics and more are included:

  • Knowing how to speak up in meetings
  • Burnout and mental health
  • Having your ideas heard and adopted
  • Building influence and presence
  • Holistic wellbeing
  • Change management
  • Employee engagement
  • Career transition
  • Resume and interviewing
  • Personal branding
  • Conflict resolution
  • Giving feedback.... the list goes on! 

These experts all share the same values and are committed to your growth. 


It's time to Trust Yourself. Believe in Yourself. Back Yourself. You've got this, and we are here to hep you. 

"I don't like to gamble, but if there's one thing I'm willing to bet on,  it's myself"- Beyonce`

Which of these results inspire you the most?


Words are not enough for the lessons and value I have gained and experienced from my short time with Emma.

I honestly believe there is no one in Australia who can offer what Emma does!

-Janine Edmunds


I won that permanent role I have been chasing! Thanks so much Emma, your guidance has been a major contributor.

The feedback I received was that I was a true leader and well respected by my peers and noticed by the Exec! .

-Kylie Robinson


Through one-on-one coaching and professional development webinars, Emma at Her Leadership Journey has helped me become a more grounded and effective leader. By examining my values and working through real and current workplace situations I feel more positive and empowered to guide my team and my career!

-Susan Boulton


Just Some of Our Speakers & Topics You'll Find Inside...

Our Manifesto


We believe…

  • In a world where people love going to work where they feel valued, heard and go home fulfilled. 
  • Everyone has the ability to impact and lead change
  • The power of a community can change the world


Our leaders are…

  • Inspirational women destined to make a difference.
  • Caring human beings
  • Committed to lifelong learning and growing
  • Dedicated to challenging the status quo
  • Courageous and influential, choosing to feel the fear and do it anyway


How we live our lives…

  • Always inspire - share your story, share ideas, show others how they CAN be their best. 
  • Celebrate - people, actions, events. Especially the little things.
  • Innovate - challenge the status quo and look for new boxes to change our thinking
  • Be curious- always ask questions, never assume, be willing to peek out over the nest and see what’s happening around us
  • Community - life is not meant to be lived alone, no gal gets left behind. Surround yourself with others who will support you, and be the supporter for them
  • Believe - Always believe it CAN be done, and YOU are the right person to do it. Believe in each other always. There are enough doubters in the world - be the one who believes in others.
  • Courage - Feel the fear and do it anyway. Push against your comfort zone and always be growing. Use your courage to speak your values, your wisdom and to be the change you want to see.
  • Implementation - always be taking action. Don't try to be perfect, try to be better than yesterday
Frequently Asked Questions

The Premium Membership is 100% RISK FREE

If you feel like you're not getting any value from our experts, or from our training sessions, the peer to peer conversations or our community, then simply email our support team at [email protected] ANY TIME during your first 90 days with us, and request a refund. 


Please note - it IS expected that you have turned up live or watched recordings and participated in the community, and taken action on what you've learned. If you've done this, and still don't feel it's right for you - just reach out. 


Here's the thing - if you feel there is a 'slight chance' that what we have will help you to go from Invisible to Influential, boost your confidence, develop your management skills AND build influence, you should join us today. 


Because you can watch the recordings, ask your questions in the community for the next 3 months. No guess work needed. Come and try it for yourself - I'm taking ALL the risk - you just need to back yourself! 

It's Time For YOU


Learn the skills you need to become an effective manager, and authentic and confident leader and live your best life, knowing you are positively impacting on the lives of those around you


Come and Join Us To Become a Confident & Influential Leader...